Distributed Technology Group


DTG offers expert guidance and an unmatched range of services and solutions to help your organization accommodate growing workloads and take advantage of new business opportunities. Our experienced team is ready with unbiased advice to help you update your physical infrastructure, deploy advance security across your enterprise or guide you on your path to next-generation virtualization and cloud services.

We provide the following services:

  • Backup and recovery assessments and solutions
  • Virtualization analysis, strategy and design services
  • Data storage requirements analysis
  • Cloud services and implementation
  • Ongoing consulting and health checks


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Virtualization lets organizations respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently, with lower capital and operational expenses. By enabling multiple virtual machines to operate on each physical server, virtualization eliminates the need to dedicate individual servers for each application, reducing the time required for routine IT administrative tasks and increasing application availability. With DTG's virtualization solutions, adding and managing new servers is fast and efficient, allowing IT to spend more time developing and launching new applications and less time managing servers. Virtualization also helps lower the risk of service disruption and loss of data, dramatically shortening disaster recovery time, improving business continuity preparedness and reducing planned and unplanned downtime.


The physical data center infrastructure must not only support an organization's mission-critical applications, but it can play a significant role in reducing operating costs through optimizing requirements for space, power and cooling. DTG's infrastructure team deploys industry best practices and infrastructure solutions from the leading providers to drive IT efficiency, reduce operating costs and free up human and financial IT resources. DTG's strategic planning, design and implementation experts can help ensure that an organization's networking and connectivity foundation remains a step ahead of all existing and anticipated requirements, with room to grow to support a changing business.


The changing threat landscape and the increasing sophistication of attacks is a major challenge for an IT organization's information security strategy. From preventing attacks both inside and outside the organization to maintaining compliance with government and federal regulations, a comprehensive security strategy must not just protect data, but allow for secure access for employees and partners both inside and outside the organization. DTG helps organizations understand which data needs protection and where sensitive information is kept, deploying best-in-class security solutions to prevent breaches and counter threats to data residing inside the network and data stored in the cloud.


From backup and recovery to cloud computing, DTG's health check benchmark service helps an organization gain a clearer picture of its future directions and needs. DTG's benchmark service analyzes the type of data, the amount of data and the nature of the data, validating the success of backups and identifying trouble spots. By addressing the three key areas in backup—capacity, performance and retention length—DTG helps organizations to develop a secure, flexible backup strategy. By understanding the number of systems, hardware, connectivity, timeframes and parameters that govern the backed up environment, DTG can help organizations evaluate the suitability of a cloud environment and implement recovery solutions that reduce failures and decrease backup windows.