From the start, DTG has been committed to our clients and running a high-quality organization. Which is why it was an easy decision to undergo the arduous process of achieving our ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 is the world’s most recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard. The key principles of ISO 9001 center around strong customer focus, effective management, process approach, and continual improvement. It requires a company to have a framework to ensure consistent quality in providing goods and services.

Passing the Value to Our Clients

Working with an ISO 9001 certified company like DTG provides customers with many benefits and assurances that make it the smart choice.

ISO 9001 certification means that DTG has passed rigorous audits to verify that we have robust quality management systems in place. These systems ensure consistency, accountability, and a focus on continuous improvement.

The certification provides an independent, objective assessment that our processes are standardized, documented, and regularly reviewed. While we are proud of our achievement, the ISO 9001 requirements are nothing new to DTG – they align to our values of accountability, quality, and a client-first mentality.

DTG clients can expect an enhanced customer focus, clear and timely communication, and prompt issue resolution. We have the people, processes, and culture to deliver the technology products and services you need, at the highest level of service.