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At DTG, we partner with top-tier technology manufacturers as well as the up-and-coming technology players that deliver cutting-edge solutions.  We leverage our partnerships, employ a consultative approach, and apply engineering expertise to create innovative solutions, ensuring our customers gain a competitive advantage through impactful outcomes.

“For nearly 40
years I’ve worked
with many vendors
and consultants.
During that time,
there have been
only a few that
have stood out,
and DTG is one of

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Founded on the pillars of innovation and integrity, DTG has been the silent force behind countless digital transformations since 2009. Steeped in American values, we believe in blending cutting-edge solutions with time-honored traditions, crafting a tech tapestry unique to each client's story.  

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Address: 499 South Warren Street, Suite 501, Syracuse, NY 13202

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